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Welcome to all new Ape, just the same as before, only different. Actually we’re not really different, we’re better, in fact we think we’re great and so do some of our clients, probably not all of them, but hopefully most of them… we must ask them? Every morning we wake up, look in the mirror, groom our bushy black eyebrows and smile a slightly scary toothy grin, beat our chests and swing on down to the studio. There we get down to the serious business of drinking tea, eating biscuits and creating fantastic, exciting creative things that make our clients products, brands and communications achieve amazing results. We like to put the idea at the forefront of everything we do – thinking about concept, message, audience, commerciality and communication strategy. Get that right and it practically designs itself. Oh and we’re quite good at designing too – did we mention how great we are?

0 Paul Spirou Managing Director

More inquisitive than Columbo, more hair than Kojak.

0 Russell Hales Creative Director

Thinks he's great but he's actually just short.

0 Alex Whittaker Senior Designer

He’s tall and mumbles a lot.

0 James Murphy Designer

He’s tall and eats a lot.

5 Isetta Sq
New England St

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