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Project Description

Last year the UK food to go market grew by 3.3% to an annual value of around £1.44bn. The biggest winner was the not so humble sandwich.

Sandwiches are still the UK’s go-to food to go, outperforming the category at 4.2% yoy, bought more than three times a week by 1/3 of all UK office workers. And the nation’s favourite flavour? Chicken & Bacon on brown.

Deli Bite is a range of fresh and tasty sandwich favourites, designed to stand out on shelf and make those impulse lunchtime decisions easier and more satisfying.

Deli Bite

Our insight made it clear that any new brand had to help shoppers make fast decisions in a market hungrily driven by convenience. Those same shoppers most regularly want their everyday choices in unfussy variants. Whilst new recipes and interesting ingredients have a place in drawing shoppers to the fixture, it’s the familiar favourites that ultimately make it into our baskets.


A name inspired by tasty
ingredients and the drive
for convenience


Deli-bite Package

This is supported by the playful bite-shaped graphics and bold colours to help it sing out from the shelves of forecourts, convenience stores and student unions all over the country. And after only 6 months, stockists and volumes are going well enough to show that Deli Bite has already taken a mouthful out of the UK’s preferred lunchbox, and without a hand stretched loaf in site.

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