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Since 2010, the number of Brits buying bread has fallen from 99% to 96%, and only 42% of us now eat bread on a daily basis, down from 52% two years ago*. So why are we falling out of love with the delicious doughy stuff?

For a start, young people are not big bread eaters, and many of us are eating less for health reasons. Also, buying bread isn’t as straightforward as it used to be. The resurgence in ‘artisan’ baking has created a world of crunchy, chewy, tasty (and often, wildly expensive) breads, and the choice (and prices) can be overwhelming.

Meet Flour House Bakery. They make outstanding speciality bread, using traditional baking methods and the best ingredients, at a price that’s affordable for all, every day. Our mission was to help Flour House become the #1 speciality bread for instore bakeries. As lovers of all things leavened, it was a challenge we very much enjoyed.

From product name to packaging, we created a brand that communicated bakery quality on your local supermarket shelf. Starting with the brand name, ‘Flour House’ is where modern home-made baking meets artisan. Quality, flair and frontier baking, making bread you want to eat.

*The Grocer, July 2017

Outstanding speciality bread for all, every day.

We worked with illustrator Anthony Atkinson to experiment with different forms of barns, mills and houses to give the brand a distinctive mark and a sense of heritage. The hexagon shaped label gives the pack a modern distinction from the pre-packed sliced bread that customers are used to seeing on shelf. Keeping the design clean and considered brought a fresh and premium look to the shelves.

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