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Most people know that a balanced diet is a good thing but what that actually means can change with the times. What’s constant is a desire to enjoy our favourite foods.

Premium sausages are one such food. In 2016, we tucked in to over 175,000 of them and 31% of those were premium. But it’s not all good news for British bangers. In the US, the veggie food sector is growing at around 35% a year. UK trends tend to follow, albeit a few months later. So even though we love a good sausage, they’re under pressure by healthier alternatives.

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MOR Packs at Tesco

Walker Sausage Co, makers of the UKs best-selling premium sausages, saw the trend for reduced meat consumption as an opportunity to reinvent what a great sausage could be. They developed a range, every bit as moist, meaty and tasty as premium pork sausages, but by replacing some of the meat with pulses, grains and vegetables, they created a sausage that could be healthier too.

Apes role was to define the brand’s position, create a memorable name, a strong visual identity and a pack design that demystified this new territory. The design challenge was to produce a look and feel that exuded premium values. And when premium sausages are all about high meat content, communicate the positive benefits of using healthy and nutritional ingredients in place of meat.

MOR Front & Back

A year on from my speculative brief to you about an idea for a ‘superfood’ sausage and here we are, with a brand launched. Thanks to the team for your ideas, inspiration and effort. MOR was born at Ape and I thank you for picking up the idea and helping us create something new.

Alan Chapman
Managing Director
Walkers Sausage Co

The premise was simple: There’s MOR inside. Each sausage is packed full of taste, texture and goodness. The ingredients inside are revealed by a tear in the front of the pack and are brought to life by the beautiful illustrations of Clover Robin. They emphasise the craft required to assemble the imaginative and complex flavour profiles of MOR sausages.

The human face of the large logo complements the brightly coloured packs, creating strong brand recognition, differentiation and standout on fixture. This is after all, a new kind of sausage. And one that’s ahead of expectations and moving steadily towards a multi-million pound value in its first year.

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