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The ready meals market is worth about £2.5bn, health represents about 10% of that; both are growing at 6% and +10% respectively

Traditionally, ready meals are made healthier by reducing the salt, sugar, meat, dairy, oils and other fats and often, a lot of the flavour along the way. So it’s counter intuitive to expect that a ready meal can be made healthier by adding more to it but that’s exactly what myhk (my healthy kitchen) does: create meals that are healthy because of what goes in, not what comes out.

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Every myhk recipe is designed from the worktop up, to be a tasty and nutritionally balanced meal, delivered in a convenient format.

Our brief began with a ‘look what we can make’ email from our food manufacturer client. Impressive as that was, there was no defined position for the range, no name, and consequently no brand. But there was a customer. What there wasn’t was much time.


MYHK Prawn Laksa

MYHK Prawn Laksa

“Ape did a great job in creating the brand and taking it through to finished packaging. I was impressed by their thinking and willingness to challenge ours. myhk has already secured listings on Amazon Fresh, Ocado and in Waitrose.”

Alastair Johns, Brand Manager, myhk

We surveyed the market, we found gaps in ranges, openings in new positioning and a potential home for a new brand, doing things differently.

We defined and articulated the niche in which myhk could thrive and we chipped away at lists and lists of potential names to reveal the winning brand that epitomised that position. The hand drawn script logo, the colour palette, the brand language and tone of voice, brand values, RTBs, the almost edible photography, the packaging design and brand guidelines are all aligned to the essence of the brand and were all conceived and developed in the Ape studio.

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