Project Description

Yello – a challenger clinic brand

Vegan eggs are a relatively new part of the vegan category, consisting mainly of powdered egg alternatives, primarily for baking. We think it’s time for an egg revolution, so pick up your pitch forks and lets scramble.

Yello is our vision of what a liquid vegan egg brand could be.

Made from the humble mung bean, these eggs aren’t hen laid, they’re made by a community of independent growers, bonded by a like minded attitude: to grow our way to a food future where environmentally and sustainably healthier choices are in everyday baskets.

Yello’s approach is to humanise the category, adding a splash of colour and personality to a healthy protein for anyone. Now you can make an omelette without breaking any eggs or your commitments to Veganuary.

We’re building strong alliances with farmers and community growers too, bringing them together to create a stable and sustainable network. Yello is community sown and grown.

Yes the category might be small but we’re thinking big. In time we might even encourage a shift from egg farming to mung bean growing, reducing the environmental impact and improving animal welfare. Putting a mung bean smile on our bottle, our face and hopefully yours.

To create an abundance of resource and spread our message, Yello mung bean grow kits will be available to our budding community. Yello is community sown and grown and that’s all about delivering an egg free future, and the more that join us on our mission the merrier.

As big brands and big supermarkets finally move away from caged eggs, it’ll take more land and even more chicks to fill fridges with free range.

We’ll be spreading the load and increasing the growers, they’ll be contributing to our Yello revolution, and we’ll all be reducing the burden on our agricultural land.

So if you love an omelette or scrambled egg on toast, bake the odd cake or two, then Yello will add a splash of guilt free colour to your weekly shop.

Yello is an example of Ape’s rapid prototype brand creation process. Find out more about how we do that here.

If you’re brand needs developing or you’d like to develop your brand challenger mentality, head over to our Gorilla Tactics to find out more.

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