Be memorably remarkable.
Conservative thinking kills creativity and dulls success.


How do we do that then?
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Our challenger thinking,
one aim, two routes.

5 steps to bring out the challenger in you

Proposition to concept in 5 days

Gorilla Tactics

5 steps to bring out the challenger in you

Before you launch anything check your focus and know your destination

1-5 GT_Break it

Your category is faulty, don’t fix it, break it and make something new

1-5 GT_Make it

Let’s be famous

1-5 GT_Shape it

Create abundance. What currency other than money do we possess?

1-5 GT_Fire

Challenger launch, refocus or deliver renewed momentum

Ape Sprint

Proposition to prototype in 5 days

Ask big questions. Define the ambition.

Great ideas translated. Capture and grow.

Critique, enhance and develop.

Choose our platform and start making.

Five: candidates; interviews; and hours.

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