Project Description

Blok Chok

With the new regulations on High Fat, Salt and Sugar (HFSS) coming in 2022, The Grocer has been reporting on the impact for confectionary brands.

As part of their investigation, they asked Ape to imagine the chocolate brand of the future.

Blok Chok is our idea.

Blok Chok is community chocolate.

Made in small batch, urban chocolate labs in London, Manchester and Glasgow, Blok Chok is recruiting and training a new breed of chocolate makers.

Traditional chocolate brands are mass manufactured in generic flavours. Each Blok Chok Lab will produce it’s own unique recipe chosen by the people that make it, inspired by their city, culture and experiences.

With our urban chocolate makers at the heart of the business, we won’t need paid advertising. We have people who decide what they do and believe in it. The energy and passion that comes from ownership will drive Blok Chok’s awareness and fame.

We’ll launch and promote with block parties and broadcast through our own Blok Radio station, to give local artists, DJ’s and MC’s a stage. And Blok Chok will put 10% of revenue back into community projects to support areas that we exist in.

This is chocolate by the people, made for the community.

Blok Choc murals will pop-up around the cities for selfie opportunities to spread the message and share the pride.

And our non-invasive street graphics (temporarily) leave our mark on the streets.

Evolving or creating a brand for a new opportunity?

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