Project Description

“Last night I baked and frosted my first cupcake and it was good.”

Bringing baking victories to the customer and creating their own instagramable ‘ta dah’ moment is what motivates Cake Angels and it had us whipped into a baking aisle discovery frenzy.


The Cake Angels frosting pouch designed by Ape had to communicate the feeling of easily achievable success. One simple squeeze of its ergonomic waist produces a creamy, shapely sliver of quality frosting that’ll delight and impress, time and again.

By emphasising the smooth icing within, and suggesting the fun dynamic nature of the product, we aimed to attract a younger audience than Cake Angels competitors, with subtle design cues and bright colours.

Visually the baking aisle is noisy and chaotic, with everybody shouting for attention, but largely stuck in an unloved, undervalued brand design time warp. With our new design, Cake Angels now has an image that sets it apart from the crowd, confidently calling out with youthful enthusiasm.

We haven’t tried to reinvent any one thing, instead we’ve focussed on demonstrating that, with a bit of consideration and love, we can bring brand value back into the category.

This is just the beginning of the Cake Angels journey, so watch out own label and established brands, Cake Angels is hungry and wants a bigger slice of cake.


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