Cauliflower 3.0

Cauliflower was for decades the stuff of school dinners, pongy and boiled to within an inch of its life. Appearing from the fug around 2010, it started appearing on restaurant menus and in recipes from Ottolenghi, Nigella and Hugh. It’s mild flavour, firm texture and ready availability making it brilliantly versatile.

Steaks, wings, rice and gnocchi followed. Cauliflower had arrived. Again. Some 500 years after it was first cultivated in Asia and around the Mediterranean.

Fast forward to 2021 and another reinvention is underway. Inspired by the success of seasonal veg specialities and home cooks’ craving for new ingredients, Barfoots have developed a new variety of long stem cauliflower. It’s taken two years of countless growing trials to perfect sustainable farming of it at scale but CauliShoots has emerged.

Ape’s role was to pitch this new variety of an old favourite just right – premium, accessible, versatile, convenient and tastier than you’d expect from a humble cauli.

The result is CauliShoots, its good from the ground up, edible from tip to toe and 100% delicious with no prep or waste.

To cue a premium yet natural feel, the rich key brand colour purple has a contemporary edge that’s not usually found in the fresh produce aisles. This sets the brand apart giving the packaging important shelf stand-out for shoppers.

The spade device and bespoke cauli illustrations visually deliver the CauliShoots core brand message, ‘Good from the ground up’, helping contain the brand name and making it central to the design.

Alongside the brand design and visual identity, bespoke illustration and brand copywriting, we planned and art directed farm and kitchen photo shoots. The results are photography and video assets in use across different channels.

Website design, art direction and copywriting followed as well as design and copy of press ads in Ocado Life magazine.

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