Project Description

Next time you present key insights and analysis at an important meeting, spare everyone the long, boring Powerpoint presentation.

When the Waitrose Food To Go team wanted to wow their senior commercial colleagues with the relaunch of their Food To Go sub brand, Good To Go, they asked Ape to create a unique format to make the presentation as memorable as the new SKUs.

We created a giant, larger-than-life, 3ft tall sandwich skillet packed with the ingredients of the presentation: 4 bespoke mood board triangles that came together to show the bigger picture; and a triangular booklet with the full range.

Good to go

This unique, impactful and memorable way to present information was a complete success and the positive glow it created helped the new range get through the panel completely intact. And most importantly, no one was injured in the process.

“Ape approached our internal presentation with creativity and imagination to create the right backdrop for a key food to go NPD meeting. Their work brought surprises and smiles to the session and it’s one that still gets talked about months later.”

Michelle Gibbs, Product Developer, Waitrose Brand Development & Innovation

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