Project Description

Melton Foods wanted an up-to-date and relevant brand identity that’s reflective of their direction as a fast-paced, dynamic, modern and innovative business.

A new look and feel were created, taking it’s cues from freshness, taste, pride and an uncomplicated, unpretentious way of working.

Through spending time with key people in the business, and gathering the latest intel on the sandwich market, a proposition, vision and values were drafted that became the backbone of Melton’s new identity.



Melton Foods


Melton Foods branding

Melton branding

“After a period of fantastic growth our old identity was out of step with where we were heading. Ape’s approach drew out what was at the heart of our business and presented it succinctly and powerfully. The result is an identity the business is proud of and represents what we know is important to us.”

MD of Melton Foods

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