Project Description

According to food waste experts, 250,000 tonnes of food waste could be prevented by a one day increase in product life. A potential shared saving of up to £500 million a year for UK shoppers*.

That’s a lot of apples and pears.

Tesco generates more than 50,000 tonnes of food waste a year. 30,000 tonnes of which is edible. As part of its continuing programme to reduce food waste, Tesco have invested in the way their produce supply chain performs. By working directly with producers to ensure fresh produce arrives in store quicker, Tesco are able to pass on benefits to their suppliers, to themselves, and ultimately provide fresher fruit and veg for their customers.

Through a distinctive and charming animation Tesco’s produce supply chain story was communicated to the wider Tesco group, using a script that balanced a serious message with a lighthearted/uplifting tone, and a suite of characters and bespoke illustrations that were brought to life by a BAFTA nominated animator.

* Wrap (Waste and Resources Reduction Action Programme)

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