What’s better than Waitrose in a bag? Waitrose in a box.

Waitrose, possibly everyone’s favourite high street supermarket is now delivering tasty recipes to you in a box – welcome to Cook Well.
The same recipe box concept you’ve heard about, but from Waitrose, with an added helping of quality food, trusted suppliers and a humongous dollop of simply tasty meals.

We don’t just know how to eat food, making it look and sound beautifully tasty is what we do – so we designed and photographed it to within an inch of lickable.

Clearly communicating the protein types (Meat, Fish and Vegetarian) and adding layers of nutritional guidance to achieve a level of navigable simplicity requires a certain amount of design discipline. And Waitrose expects a level of creative quality and brand sensitivity that is equal to its food offering, whether it’s on shelf or delivered in a box.

Almost a hundred beautifully crafted, easy to make, mouth watering recipes were delivered over the course of an 18 month trial to launch period. The stunning photography was our biggest undertaking – planned and art directed with meticulous care and attention by ourselves, before every single plate was framed and snapped by top food photographer Rick Foulsham (check him out, we think he’s ace).

The box was designed from the ground up with user experience a key focus, inside you’ll find pre-portioned ingredients (+1 for food waste!) and recipe cards for three nutritious dishes. Additional advertising support was provided with literature and digital displays in key London locations.

And that’s pretty much it, aside from the logistical minefield of picking, packing and delivering on time (over to Waitrose for that), it’s simply a case of tearing open the Cook Well box, pots and pans at the ready and you’re 20-40 minutes away from another memorable meal.

Have a demand for a food on-demand idea?

This is a competitive, challenging space, if you need help un-packing a new angle before you go to market take a look at our Gorilla Tactic’s to see how we might be able to help you make your offer unique.